The Vessels of TS Drown:


  • Dory: under construction, a stich and glue dory

  • a One Sheet Skiff

  • The Gail Jean

    -a 19'6" LOA gaff-rigged sloop
The Gail Jean at lake Nockamixon

Building log with links to construction photos moved here.

I constructed my boat in the spring of 2003, starting the project when I was aged but 17 years. The plans are The Weekender from Stevenson Projects. She was truly a joy to build. The design is flat bottomed but has the looks of a small Friendship sloop. She has a monocoque stress-skinned plywood hull with 6oz fiberglass sheathing and a Gel Coat. There is a small cabin and a small cockpit. It has a mere 1 ft. draught with the rudder up and 3 ft. with it down. The rudder is controled with wheel steering which has a certain look and feel that draws people to The Weekender, along with the graceful clipper bow. She has a gaff-rigged main and a club-footed jib. The planes have no ballast and the current version of the plans have no centerboard, so it's not designed for heavy offshore usage but is certainly capable of small-time coastal cruising. This may be my first boat but it will not be my last. I already building my next boat.

Winter 2003-Spring 2004 progress/TO-DO:
  • New complex all-oak campanionway hatch (in progress)
  • adding upon the toerail
  • adding splash coaming
  • Taffrail
  • cabin refinements
  • repainting deck, cockpit, cabin trunk, and cabin
September 2003
  • The Gail Jean survived the tropical storm Isabel.
  • Portholes finaly instaled
  • Rerigged and rearanged blocks to a state of higher efficiancy
  • New Gaff and boom made, varninshed, and installed.
  • Mast varnished
  • Wheel sanded and varnished (it looks scores better)
  • I went sailing a few times on Lake Nockamixon
  • New clubfoot
- September work - things mentioned above Pictures - Making a fender, I made a fender with a funnoodle inside and rope exterior, very rudimentary, but a start. Making my 1st fender
- July 19th - Sailing at Lake Nockamixon Pictures

For information in Spanish, see this page I wrote barco.html
For information in French see this very poorly writen page. And these translated sailing terms.

Pleasant Bay pictures:
  • Beached- I am on the deck, my father is in the cockpit
  • Sailing- Unforunately I was not skilled at steering her at the time, and I have no oars or a motor, it was difficult to avoid hitting other boats while learning to steer and sail simultaniously.
  • Sailing There is some great sailing in Pleasant Bay on Cape Cod, always a stiff breeze, and very protected, only a small channel away from Chatam and one of the most dangerous spots on the Eastern Seaboard. The Bay is completely surrounded by land, and only Naussett beach separates it from the Atlantic and thousands of miles of deep blue sea, although not visable from this shot. In this photograph I am standing up, sometimes I do that.
  • Sailing In this shot you can easily see that my jib is a little bit larger, the sails are actually butyl-backed(like rubber) cotton, from Scherwin-Williams. The only problems I had was the clubfoot catching on the bowspirit bits, But I have the solution, I made my mast taller, but left my rigging at normal height, it will be moved up further, and this was always the plan, I just wanted to get in the water and didn't want to deal with figuring out where exactly to move it up and by how much, sail then modify, and I don't regret it either.
  • Moored My great-aunt and uncle and my second cousin once removed have property there and have mooring rights, we called up the harbormaster and I was able to moor my boat there all week.

July 4th - Independance Day - Launched sloop Gail Jean at lake Chebacco in Essex, Massachusets Pictures

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